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About us

JIV is a family-owned figure skating brand born from love for the sport

Founded in 2002, JIV has since been recognised all over the world

Run by Kersti Allik and her daughter Johanna Allik, a professional figure skater turned coach, it has been the driving force for innovation in skating sportswear. Loved for its perfect fit, durability, attention to detail and beyond comfortable materials.

Our vision

We strongly believe in a world, where every human can be part of the beauty that comes from doing the things they love most in life. May that be professionally or as a new-found affection. Figure skating, in all its delicacy, grace and style, should elevate everyone and always.

The only sustainable brand in figure skating

We implicitly control our local production process from the choice of best recycled and sustainable fabrics to monitoring the sales to prevent overproducing, material waste and unnecessary storage.

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