Denis Ten Memorial 2019 Almaty Kazakhstan

The most special competition of the season so far was definitely the Denis Ten Memorial in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We were honoured to have been invited by the Kazakhstan Skating federation.

Denis Ten was a legendary skater and it’s incredible how big has been Denis Tens influence on the skating world. His mother Oxana Ten has continued his legacy by the Ten foundation and it made this competition even greater. In addition the gala was choreographed by Denis great friend Elena Radionova, where they even used Denis Ten written songs as soundtracks. Very emotional.

The trip was a success also for JIV as we have teamed up with for cooperation. Sportbox is the biggest figure skating shop in Kazakhstan and they have a beautiful shop in Almaty. So now on you will be able to shop JIV items directly in Kazakhstan.

Thank you again for this opportunity to Kazakhstan skating federation and