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JIV x Radionova

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  • JIV x Radionova BODY


    JIV x Radionova body is unique.

    It has creative details which make this a very unique piece of clothing.

    This mesh body has an added tag with Elenas signature handwriting for easier zipping Рno more bending backwards to get your leotard on.

    Mesh is stretching in four ways and we tested it to make sure you can jump triples in it. Or wear it with a skirt off ice to a party.. Everything in this collection is so-called adaptive clothing. So you can wear the same item in many different occasions.

    The bottom part of body is made from extra thin nylon, so you barely feel it.

    See the video to see more!

  • JIV x Radionova LEGGINGS


    JIVxRadionova ER leggings.

    Those leggings are not your regular thick leggings. The material feels like skin on your body and it’s thin. The leggings were carefully made in the way that they are not see through and they give you all the freedom in your activities.

    Mesh and rubber details have been added on the sides for a more sensual look.

  • JIV x Radionova PANTS



    JIV x Radionova pants

    So proud of this one. Figure-hugging sweatpants you won’t find anywhere else. The perfect fit sweatpants. Highwaisted and comfortable for everyday wear or sports. The material doesn’t stretch out and it hugs your figure at all times. Don’t worry about matching this with a crop top as your lower back will be covered in them!

    Or match it with our ER sweater!

  • JIV x Radionova Sweater


    JIV x Radionova sweater

    This sweater is a perfect match to all our high-waisted leggings and sweats. This feminine sweater was created keeping in mind todays active life and we have made it for all day wear. We like to call it adaptive wear. You can wear it in training or traveling or in your daily life.

    The back of the sweater has an mesh to show off your ER top and back muscles. It also makes the sweater more breathable so you don’t get as hot, YET the material is soft against your skin and still keeps it warm.

    It’s fitted to sit perfectly around the waist to emphasise our beautiful female bodies and small details in the neckline and Elenas siganture makes this a very unique and one of a kind sweater.

    See the video!

  • JIV x Radionova TOP


    JIV x Radionova top.

    A bra, a tank top, a croptop – it’s all in one. It’s made for those who don’t feel comfortable having extra pushup or padding in their sportsbra. This is superlight and comfortable top that can work as a sportsbra or just a top. No need to feel conscious, because it has two layers of material to cover what should be covered..

    The rubber bands are soft against your skin and it’s so light that you barely feel it. It’s our favourite piece that matches with anything.

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