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JIV Jacket FIT


FIT made to fit for anyone! Cosy melange keeps you warm and iceflex material lets you move freely!

*Made in Estonia

*Eco-friendly – made from sustainably produced materials

Clear selection

JIV FIT is made from high quality material IceFlex and especially breathable mesh type.

Material consistence: Polyester 88%, Elastan Jersey 12%

Perfect for skating or for any other sports in cold conditions. Material is 

  • breathable
  • water resistant
  • Strike resistant
  • flexible in 4 directions
  • extra light. 

This type of products we can suggest to highest competitive level. 

Due to material characteristics fit jacket is ultimate garment for top level skaters. 

Additional comfort enabled with 

  • special thumbhole which helps to fix sleeve while athlete makes complicated movements 
  • zipper protection in uppper end of the collar to protect tender neck skin. 

black/grey, black/purple, black/yellow


110, 120, 130, 140, 150, XS, S, M, L, XL