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Chic in old rose


JIV Elegance CHIC. . Name says it all.  Look chic, feel elegant and move comfortably.

CHIC is made from high quality jacquard material.

jiv characteristics

*Made in Estonia


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Chic jacket can be worn from kids to their moms. Durable, beautiful, classy and warm.

CHIC jacket has special thumbhole which helps to fix sleeve while athlete makes complicated movements and zipper protection in upper end of the collar to protect tender neck skin. Jacket fits perfectly on body due to its ideal flexibility.

Spotty quilting and metallic glow zippers make jacket elegant both in practice and in competition atmosphere. 

JIV logo made from rhinestones is garnishing left sleeve end.

Material is

  • breathable
  • water resistant
  • Strike resistant
  • flexible in 4 directions
  • extra light and warm

Material consistence: Polyester 83%, Rayon 15% Spandex 1,5%


pastel pink


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