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Paddy’Z crashpants


No more painful falls thanks to our padded shorts with zippers!

In-n-out with a quick movement! Zippers are made in the way that you won’t even feel them when skating.

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jiv characteristics

*Made in Estonia

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Most unique crashpants in the world! Protect your bum with Paddy’z.

Our crashpants come with forward ZIPPERS so you can take them off while skating! This is the most convenient way to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Colour: Black

Choose your correct size (cm) XS 110-120; S 120-130; M 130-145; L 145-160; XL adults.

Material:NSX-PRO 86% NYLON 14% SPANDEX  + padding.

Porolones for sides and buttocks.




XS, S, M, L, XL


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