SOFTshell material for ice skating

We’re excited to finally add long-awaited softshell material to our main production.

Fire&Ice collection

In 2022 we launched our very fist softshell jacket in collaboration with Eva-Lotta Kiibus for her Fire&Ice collection. The Ice jacket is paired with white fleece and luxurious details make it a special and exclusive jacket. After the success of Fire&Ice we started working hard to introduce softshell to our main collection.


And along came months of testing and thinking. As we were meanwhile also rebranding JIV we decided that our Nordic vest and Expert jacket will be the first products that receive our new bold and fresh branding (read about it here).

The material

The material softshell has been in the activewear market as one of the more royals for years, but there’s a difference between softshell and softshell. We have opted for a high quality material that feels slightly sturdier. We wanted the material to look more official when we make the products as we encourage everyone to use this material for their team wear.
The material itself has amazing characteristics: weatherproof, yet breathable. You can wear this material all year long. Long-lasting, hundreds of washes and tumble dries later, the material looks as good as new. Warm-extremely warm since we realised rinks have gotten colder over the years.

What’s next

Now that we have launched the Nordic vest and Expert jacket, we look forward to creating more special and unique pieces to last you a long time.

Johanna x JIV