The only sustainable figure skating brand in the world

As a small family-owned business we have full control over our production

Based in Estonia, we monitor our sales to prevent overproducing, material waste and unnecessary storage while only picking the best sustainable materials available. We are passionate about creating sportswear that lasts the test of time, as well as being good for our planet. This can only be achieved by constantly educating ourselves to find new solutions.

Our goals for materials


All the materials used in our products are handpicked and tested by us. We visit all our supplier factories to ensure that we are familiar with the production process.

The fabrics we use are recycled, produced in solar-powered plants or chosen with highest scrutiny to ensure they last for years and years to come. The reason we don’t use 100% recycled materials is that some reprocessed textiles are just not yet durable enough.

Packaging and shipping

Just like our products are made, so are they packed by hand. Avoiding plastics, we only use sustainable packaging. Please recycle or keep it in case you need to return any item.

We know the feeling of urgency, when ordering something online. That's why all our orders are packed immediately, but shipped out twice a week to reduce the footprint of the courier driving to us every day.

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