Just enjoy what You do!

Every human being admires beauty, however beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Figure skating is beautiful and enjoyable as for professional skater or for those wearing skates once a week. 

Our mission is to stay a part of the beautiful figure skating world by creating and giving back to the community.

Producing the best skating equipment requires experience and traditions.

Therefore the choices we have made are based on historical recognition while keeping in pace with the world of sports fashion.


As we’re a small family owned company we have full control over our production. Our goal is to become fully sustainable by year 2025.

We don’t over produce, we don’t create material waste, we don’t spend more electricity than we need and our packaging is made from recycled materials.

The clothes you were are made from the top quality materials. A lot of our materials have been recycled. Before choosing a new material into our production, we test it for months and learn about the way the material was produced.

We care about the environment and therefore urge our clients to do the same!

JIV is inspired by the Nordic nature and pureness.