Wellness week – the diet

A week of wellness is now finished

Hey all – I hope you’re well! I’m currently in Helsinki airport waiting for my flight to Vienna where I will go and meet some potential resellers. Since I have some time to kill, I decided to write about my diet. First of all, let me clarify, a diet in this context is something that I consider as eating habits. To me a diet doesn’t necessarily mean a meal plan that has to make you lose weight. To me diet simply means a collective word to describe what I focus on in my food, when I want to feel better.

Is your diet really important?

Well yes it is. Us, figure skaters tend to focus on the negative parts of food. This is normal, it’s because from a very young age food is basically labeled as an enemy and from our teenage years all we hear is that we have to diet-diet-diet and lose weight and not eat etc. It has taken me years to have a healthy relationship with food and shake off the feeling that I’m sinning, when I eat. How crazy is that?! The reason why diet is important is a far bigger reason than just to maintain a healthy weight. Your diet is basically the basis to everything in life. Food is fuel. Food is medicine. Food is everything! I can really say I love food today. I should also mention that I’m not perfect. There are periods when I do eat gummy bears, chips. Chips is really like a guilty pleasure for me. Thankfully this happens rarely and I don’t beat myself up for eating chips, because in a mindful amount they really make me feel good.. 😂 Over the years I’ve come to realise through test methods that food has everything to do with how I feel and am doing and the most important thing to remember is that there’s no better fix to your problems, than having healthy habits and that if you really love yourself, you wouldn’t want to harm your body-would you?

Wellness week diet

Due to frequent travels and days that tend to differ from one another, it’s challenging for me to stick to a routine. It’s really one of my goals to work on, so that I could have a better healthy routine for myself. So at times I just really need to take a week to put more focus on my health and wellness. Hence the following eating habits that I try
to incorporate during those days.

1. Liquids: lots of water, start the day with water and drink between 2-3l throughout the day. To add taste, I add cucumber slices, berries or some lemon. But the first glass in the morning is clear mineral water. I don’t add lemon, because of the acid it has. I like soft taste in the morning. During the day I drink tea or kefir if I feel hungry.
2. Meals – vegetables. During wellness week all my meals consist mainly of vegetables. I’ve been intuitively eating for a few years now and I’m not hungry in the mornings, so I basically have my first meal between 11-12 and fast till then. Meals during my wellness week are all vegetables. The rule I follow is to have as wide variety of vegetables as possible. I limit salt intake, but I do use herbs or spices on the vegetables. I cook them with either coconut or high quality olive oil and that I don’t limit. The way you cook veggies is up to you. Only thing I don’t recommend is frying. I feel like it takes away the taste of the vegetable. My favourite type of veggies is oven-roasted sweet potatoes or boiled broccoli. I don’t limit the amount of vegetables I eat, since it’s the main ingredient.
3. Meals – fish. Once a day I add white fish to my meal. This time I was craving for chicken, so I also had that once. But I try to keep it to white fish only. Mostly I made oven cod with lemon and herbs and it was really yummy.
4. As a snack I had an apple or kefir.
5. That’s all. It’s a very simple diet to follow and you don’t have to feel hungry. This is not about limiting the intake, it’s about going back to basics and eating very simplistic, to give your body a break from digesting difficult meals. It’s also a cheap diet to follow and makes you realise how many veggies there really are.

Start with a few days at first to see how you feel and you’ll be amazed on how easy it is to eat healthy.
*Disclaimer: for a healthy every day diet I also add seeds, nuts, fruits and I allow myself to eat glutein, milk and chocolate. My wellness week diet is something I follow only during periods when I feel like my body is asking for a simple meal that helps my organism feel cleaner.

That’s it, it’s as simple as that!
Do remember that besides food, you should always have some activity in your life and not just for your body, but also for your brain – learning a language, reading or any creative activity are great things to keep your brain stimulated and mind healthy 😊

Anyway see you back here shortly when I’ll speak more about the diet culture in figure skating
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See you soon ❤️