Welcome to JIV [jyv]

So nice to meet You! We are Kersti Allik, founder of JIV and her daughter Johanna Allik, figure skater and creator of JIV Expert program.

JIV was founded by Kersti Allik in 2002 and has since been recognised all over the world thanks to our resellers in many different locations.

JIV is a family-owned brand mainly focused on figure skating clothes. You can find clothes from shirts, to leggings, to jackets to competition gloves. 

Our mission is to be sustainable, unique and create long-lasting designs for passionate people who love what they do.

We, Kersti and Johanna hope you will like your JIV figure skating clothes and we hope we can support you on your path and that you have a positive experience with us.

With good thoughts

Kersti and Johanna Allik


Where did your clothes come from?

Materials used in production of JIV are carefully selected from different parts of the world and we test everything before actually releasing a new product.

Your feedback on your items is very valuable to us, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any interesting ideas on how you think something could be better!

All your JIV items are inspired by Nordic nature and produced in our small factory near Tallinn, Estonia. All left-over material parts go to recycling and we give all our old models to those in need.

We strive to become more and more eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s the only way to maintain a business with a mission and have happy clients. We believe in quality over quantity.

Therefore if you have any issues with your items, we will gladly fix them for you.

Packaging for your items is reusable and if you take good care of your JIV items they will last you for years!