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REseller questionnaire

Dear reseller

We’re all about moving forward and becoming better at what we do. The 3-minutes that you dedicate for the questionnaire below can help us do our job better and help you grow your sales with us!

Thank you!

Johanna & Kersti

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Do you sell in a physical store or online?
Is your shop at an ice rink or nearby?
Are you open by appointment only?
Do you do pop-up events in person?
Have you grown your sales to the precovid era?
What JIV item do you sell most in your store?
Do you have our 2024 physical catalogue?
Do you have our 2024 online catalogue?
Would you like an online catalogue to present to clubs?
Or would you prefer a physical catalogue to present to clubs?
Have you noticed a growing demand for JIV?
What products would you like to see more from us(you can select more than one)?
What other updates would you like to see(you can select more than one)?
Would you like any promotional materials from us?