Design and production of team costumes


Our first club costumes were made in 2003 for Rocca al Mare Skating School in Estonia.

Simple and warm fleece jackets.


All club costumes are based on JIV basic models. The creative process is open to all club members and everything can be customised to some extent. Lots of good ideas that we have used in the development of JIV products,  is obtained from skaters and their coaches. For club orders we recommend you to contact your closest reseller. If your country doesn’t have any you are welcome to contact us directly!

Thank you!

Your opinion is always important for us.

We have cooperation more than 100 different  skating-, gymnastics-, and dance clubs in many different countries.


Customisable items for clubs can be very different. We have dresses, skirts, pants, overalls, costume bags and now very popular  warm vests and warm jackets .

            LOGO we embroider,  just you like

QUALITY …. Is very important to us.

All garments are produced in Estonia and have registered a trademark JIV.


We can offer very competitive prices.The larger order- the lower price.

For TOP class athletes.