Easter Eggs in April 10-17.04.2022

We are in the mood for Easter and we have hid some Easter Eggs this week on our website! Find the products and enjoy extra 30% discount for only limited period!

Products on sale:

10.04.2022 – JIV Earth Old rose set items

11.04.2022 – JIV Sapphire Jacket

12.04.2022 – Chic Pastel Pink jacket

13.04.2022 – Classic White jacket

14.04.2022 – Thermo Princess jackets for toddlers

15.04.2022 – Sense grey eco-friendly shirt

16.04.2022 – Pulse mesh shirt

17.04.2022 – Blue, Pink, White Icepro jackets

All items have limited stock and are on sale for the particular date. Happy Easter and happy shopping!