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Radionova sweater


The material for this sweater was carefully picked out by our team and Elena. It’s one of the highest quality materials you can find on the market. It’s rare, because it will last you for years without changing it’s shape.

Material consistence for the sweater: polyester 88%, elastan Jersey 12%/nylon.

*Made in Estonia

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JIV x Radionova sweater

This sweater is a perfect match to all our high-waisted leggings and sweats. This feminine sweater was created keeping in mind todays active life and we have made it for all-day wear. We like to call it multi-purpose wear. You can wear it in training or traveling or in your daily life.

The back of the sweater has an mesh to show off your ER top and back muscles. It also makes the sweater more breathable so you don’t get as hot, YET the material is soft against your skin and still keeps it warm.

It’s fitted to sit perfectly around the waist to emphasise our beautiful female bodies and small details in the neckline and Elenas siganture makes this a very unique and one of a kind sweater.

Material consistence Polyester 88%, Elastan Jersey 12%/nylon


cherry, black


140, 150, XS, S, M, L, XL


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