Recycle and reSKATE

Spring is here and I couldn’t be happier! This spring is special, because we have been cooking our newest campaign for months and are very excited about it!

Recycling and sustainability!

If you know us, you already know we love sustainability and everything about it! What we don’t love is the amount of clothes that gets wasted every year and while we don’t always know where the clothes end up, we are sure than it’s better to recycle them and think before your next purchases, rather than opting for – cheap and fast.

What do I do?

Living in Belgium, recycling has been made super easy. All our papers, plastics, food waste goes in separate bags. Glass and clothing container is 300m from our house, donating clothes super easy. Honestly I love how easy it has been made for us. After moving to Belgium I definitely started recycling more mindfully and also shopping more mindfully. I buy a lot of my clothes second hand, because there’s so many NEW items, that are looking for a new home. What I do with JIV clothes that I don’t want anymore, I have donated them all or even sold some, because they have just kept their quality and shape so well! So here comes reSKATE…


For a while I was thinking what could we do, to integrate recycling into our campaigns and mission. And so we came up with reSKATE – shout out to my sister in ‘law’ who came up with this awesome name! ✌️ So the deal is simple – all of April we encourage you all to recycle your clothes. But not just recycle, really think what do you realistically NEED and will everything you’re keeping really find use in your life? A great TIP is to think when was the last time you actually wore this item and if the answer is more than 1 year ago – bye bye! Next up, pack the items and take them to your nearest recycling bin for clothes. Whatever is good enough to donate – donate!


We believe that whatever skating clothes you’re donating should be replaced by items that are ethically made in a sustainable way from materials that many are recycled. And what’s great is that we really focus on creating pieces that have timeless style. They will last you for years and even if you get tired from the item, you can definitely pass it on to other skaters! And to encourage you all to read the labels inside your skating clothes and any garments, we offer each person 20% discount from JIV.

How do I get my 20% discount and my new sustainable JIV?

#reskate and @jivsport is the key! Post in your feed about your recycling project and tag us and use hashtag #reskate so we can see everyone who has done their part! Once you’ve made the post we will send you your unique code and we’ll happily help you choose your new sustainable garments from us!

Let’s all reSKATE!

Johanna x JIV 🫶🏻