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The only sustainable figure skating brand in the world.

As a small family-owned business we have full control over our production.


And by that we mean, it’s actually very small. We are from Estonia and we produce in Estonia, which already means we don’t produce hundreds of thousands of pieces like some other bigger brands.

We don’t release new styles on a monthly basis, we are much more looking into releasing pieces that will stand the test of time, use and trends.

Also figure skating is a technical sport, and we really appreciate items that are made for this sport. If you buy from a fully sustainable yoga brand, the leggings won’t feel the same on the ice. Materials used for skating need more technical characteristics and are therefore much more challenging to source and create.

We are happy that we have found fabric and detail suppliers who match our demands.

Additionally – we have removed all plastic from our office and production; our packaging is re-used and what we use to ship out is packages that are also made from recycled materials; our materials are carefully selected (read about it below); choices we make in our personal lives reflect our goals; we use more expensive shipping suppliers who also think about sustainability; we educate ourselves, our resellers and our clients as much as possible about our efforts.

Based in Estonia, we monitor our sales to prevent overproducing, material waste and unnecessary storage while only picking the best sustainable materials available.

We are passionate about creating sportswear that lasts the test of time, as well as being good for our planet.

This can only be achieved by constantly educating ourselves to find new solutions.

Emissions – our emissions are currently not measured, but since we are a very small company, we are confident our emissions are extremely low. Hopefully in the future, our suppliers will have their emissions measured and therefore we can also measure our emissions and be even more transparent.


Despite having production in Estonia, we order all our materials from a few select suppliers. All the materials used in our products are handpicked and tested by us. We visit all our supplier factories to ensure that we are familiar with the production process.

We currently work with only a handful of factories, which all have certifications from their governments (OEKO-TEX; Global recycled standard; bluesign; certifications for labour rights).

The fabrics we use are recycled, produced in solar-powered plants or chosen with highest scrutiny to ensure they last for years and years to come. The reason we don’t use 100% recycled materials is that some reprocessed textiles are just not yet durable enough.

We use 70% recycled polyester and we use materials that have parts that are recycled. What’s another important thing to note is where and how these materials are produced. As mentioned earlier the suppliers for our fabrics are all certified and therefore we trust their efforts in producing sustainability.

Each material that we have brought on the market has been carefully thought through. We take several things into account starting from the production of the fabric, but also the life span of the fabric.

Nylon is considerably higher quality and longer lasting than other activewear materials. Therefore we have opted in Nylon for our leggings, since it lasts longer and the way our fabric supplier produces it is acceptable for us. Also we don’t use colouring on our fabrics, which is another step that makes the fabric more sustainable.


Just like our products are made, so are they packed by hand. Avoiding plastics, we only use sustainable packaging. Please recycle or keep it in case you need to return any item.

We know the feeling of urgency, when ordering something online. That’s why all our orders are packed immediately, but shipped out twice a week to reduce the footprint of the courier driving to us every day.